Lieutenant Dann played by Mike Henry

Mike Henry portrays the character Dann the Alien. Lieutenant Dann is an Engineer stationed aboard the USS Orville and has been a crew member on the ship since before Captain Ed Mercer was promoted to Captain. While common in the Planetary Union, Dann’s alien species is unknown.

Dann is a very social and friendly individual, but at times he can be a bit awkward and intrusive. He often tries to make friends with other members on the ship as well as get involved in their conversations although usually unsuccessfully. Dann’s behavior is usually tolerated, but both Mercer and Grayson have both blown up at him for trying to speak with them at inappropriate times.

One of Dann's key contributions aboard the ship is the addition of an Elevator Playlist. Dann believed that there should be music playing in the elevators so he brought his idea to Captain Ed Mercer and Commander Kelly Grayson in season one and they gave him their blessing.

Dann’s character came about when the previous head of the make-up department, Howard Berger, dressed Dirk Rogers as the alien and presented him to Seth MacFarlane. MacFarlane’s reaction was "Oh, my God. I love this character. I'm going to write this character into the script."